Many times, the key to a successful negotiation is the ability to convince your opponent that he or she is getting the better end of the bargain. When your opponent is convinced of the illusion of control, he or she is is less likely to resist your advances or become defensive. The impression of control is many times created by slowly giving ground to your opponent while subtly diverting them in the direction you desire. In short, some of your best successes come when the other side thinks it has won, and you know better.

With this in mind, I have attached an article from today's Wall Street Journal that discusses the status of negotiations on the financial reform legislation. Given the momentum and political implications associated with opposing this legislation, I wonder if the Republicans are sandbagging a little on this in order to get what they really want. The following quote sure makes me feel this way, "Messrs. Dodd and Shelby are focusing on issues that many lawmakers feel can be easily resolved. For example, they are still discussing how much power state attorneys general should have to sue national banks ...."

Shielding national banks from state prosecution when these same banks defraud the state's citizenry. More later on where this rabbit hole may lead.


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