One of the most interesting things about art is that it can be reflective of the times in which it is created. The television show, Damages, which airs on Mondays at 9 pm (central time) on the FX Network, is truly a work of art. The 90 minute season finale of the third season of the show will air on Monday, April 19.

The central character of the show is Patty Hewes, who is played by Glenn Close. Hewes is the managing partner of Hewes & Shays, a fictional Manhattan law firm that has been embroiled in a high profile and deeply contentious lawsuit in each of the show's three seasons. The other primary characters of the show include Patty's partner, Tom Shays, and an ex-associate, Ellen Parsons. The complicated relationships among these three individuals, and the motivations and intentions of each, are the driving force of the show.

One of the smartest lawyers I know once told me that a primary flaw of most folks is the willingness to see things in black-and-white. His advice was to always remember that everyone has good and bad in them, and we each struggle with this duality. If one is willing to accept this basic premise, it is far easier to understand how good people can do bad things and how bad people can sometimes do good.

Damages exploits the duality of us all for riveting television. If you haven't watched before, I encourage you to rent the past seasons and catch up. I doubt you'll be sorry.


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