The Clarion Ledger ran an Associated Press story this morning entitled "GOP reps. plan initiative over health reform" that discusses a proposed ballot initiative which would amend the state constitution to prohibit compulsory participation in a health care system or plan. In the article, State Representative Steven Palazzo of Biloxi is quoted as saying, "We're just trying to keep Mississippians from being mandated into a health care plan or being forced to buy health care. It's something we can't afford, and it's immoral."

Something we can't afford? Mississippi already mandates insurance coverage for automobiles. I haven't heard of any bankruptcies resulting from that requirement.

Immoral? You have got to be kidding me. Scholars and professionals on both sides of the political aisle have long agreed that our health care system was unsustainable for a variety of reasons. There are certainly legitimate reasons to criticize our health care system and the recent reforms. But, immoral? I will not pretend to be a health care reform scholar, but I do know this: In this richest country in the history of the world, it is immoral for us to allow people to miss out on adequate health care due to cost.

I'd encourage you, once again, to listen to This American Life. Episodes 391 and 392 (at least in the I-Phone app) are entitled More is Less and Someone Else's Money. These episodes provide a comprehensive and reasonably concise examination of the problems with the health care system and the (at the time) proposed legislation.


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