Today's New Orleans Times Picayune contains a story which provides more damning information for BP. You can find the story here - (

Schlumberger is a well-known oil industry contractor. On April 20, Schlumberger equipment and personnel were onboard the Deepwater Horizon "on standby" to perform a "cement bond log." A cement bond log is a test which records data that measures the integrity of the cement job. This test is sometimes performed in addition to pressure tests. Gregory McCormack, director of the Petroleum Extension Service at the University of Texas, has described the cement bond long as the "gold standard" of cement integrity tests.

Strangely, BP sent the Schlumberger personnel home and never directed that the cement bond test be performed. The rig exploded 11 hours later.

MMS doesn't require well owners to order a cement bond log unless there is uncertainty in the positive and negative pressure tests. We already know that the negative pressure tests conducted earlier in the day indicated unseen underground leakage into the well, and that Transocean and BP personnel engaged in heated debate over how to proceed in light of this result. Despite these results, the Schlumberger people were sent home on an 11 a.m. helicopter flight.

Why send Schlumberger home when there are significant indications of underground leakage? Could this be the "phantom test" that BP and Transocean have testified was performed, but of which there is no documentary evidence?

The rabbit hole deepens.